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What is Otalo Vacation Rental Search?

Otalo is a vacation rental search engine. Save time and search all the vacation home rental sites with a single click! We're like Google or Kayak, but for vacation rentals.

It's easy to use - just enter what you're looking for once, and let Otalo search all the different rental sites for you. You can save your favorite rental homes from all the different sites in one central place and share your list with friends and folks with whom you're planning your vacation. Even if you're not actively planning a vacation, you can just browse the world, looking at all the cool homes in exciting places.

We built Otalo when we found ourselves at our local cafe complaining about how *many* different sites we had to browse to find a vacation home rental - each making us re-enter our info each time - and no central place to save our favorites (We ended up going to a hotel). There didn't seem to be a search engine that would search all these sites for us - a Google for vacation home sites. We had a good amount of caffeine coursing through us and figured, "hey, let's build one!"

And thus Otalo - The Vacation Home Search Engine. Lots of work and fun have gone into making vacation planning just a wee bit easier. It's an awesome way to search all those rental sites for the perfect vacation home rental (and save loads over a vacation hotel!). So check it out and enjoy!

How do I pronounce that? What's it mean?

ō · tal · ō   We derived the name Otalo, after deep and long market research (ie. gabbing with the regulars of our local cafe, Rao's - Otalo HQ) by combining the Zen symbol enzo - "O" - with the Finnish word for house - "talo". Yes, after our usual too many cups of coffee, we figured we'd bring a Zen calmness to looking for a Finnish rental house. Well, any house. It was *so* obvious. Well, you get the idea.