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The (dog-friendly) Vacation Home Search Engine.

How about Bali?

Bali is the famed Island of the Gods. Full of not just sandy, gorgeous beaches, but also of hills and mountains, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides. All of this beauty provides a perfect backdrop to Bali’s colorful, unique culture. Yes, friends, Bali may just be paradise. You can spend your days just laying on that perfect beach, or conquer the world-class surfing and diving, or traveling to the bevvy of cultural, historical, and archeological sites. And of course, Otalo has found over 1,300 Bali vacation rentals from trusted sites all around the web. ┬áCheck out paradise…

Dogs on Vacation!

The best vacation includes the WHOLE family, including your dogs! Otalo has the largest selection of dog friendly vacation rentals, houses, and condos in the world! Check out over 580 dog-friendly house rentals in Maine; 970 dog-friendly vacation rentals in Massachusetts; 350 dog-friendly vacation home rentals in Vermont; and over 4,000 dog-friendly vacation house rentals in California! Here's a few of our favorite spots to go with our dogs...

Cape Cod w/Dogs

West Yarmouth Vacation Rental

Heading out to the beach in the morning for a walk with your pup and a toss of the frisbee, then sleeping the afternoon away on the beach. That's what vacation is all about for us! Check out the over 600 dog-friendly Cape Cod vacation rentals that Otalo has found for you!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Dog friendly Vacation Rentals

Tahoe. Any season works, eh? Skiing, boating, hiking, swimming, chilling...all with the whole crew, including your dogs. That's right, Sunshine Daydream! Check out the over 300 dog-friendly Lake Tahoe vacation rentals that Otalo has found for you!

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Top 10 Reasons to Rent

1. Save money in a vacation home.

That's right, a whole house is less expensive than a hotel room! This is the *only* way to travel!

You could pay $1,344 for a family of four in Orlando at a middle-run hotel. Or for $775, rent this beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath Orlando vacation rental villa with a private pool and is the same 5 minutes from DisneyWorld for the same week. And it comes with access to a full health club, club swimming pools, a cyber cafe, games arcade, fishing pier, free parking and a concierge! And the savings of $569 does not even include what you'll save by not having to go to restaurants for breakfast every day!

2. Spread Out in a Vacation rental.

So much more space! Which would you rather have? A 250-400 square foot hotel room or a 1,500-3,000 square foot vacation home? After a long day of crazy DisneyWorld rides, you know the answer! Yeah, that's right, ten times the space for less dough.

3. Get some privacy.

That's right, separate bedrooms for the kids - hey let 'em bring a friend! Make the kids share a room with each other rather than with you! Tell ya the truth, that has always sealed the deal for us on vacation.

More Top Ten reasons to rent a vacation house...